Frequently asked questions about the neutral anolyt

Is neutral anolyt corrosive ? Neutral anolyt is no more corrosive than tap water in most applications.

How expensive is the? Typical investment recoupment period can be as low as 6 to 18 months.

What is the pH value of neutral anolyt ? The pH value of neutral anolyt is typically set between pH 7 and pH 7.5 but can be controlled to suit the requirements of the end user via the control panel.

Are there any by products produced? If the end user requires a low pH value it will result in a small over production of a weak Sodium Hydroxide solution.

What guarantees are offered on the generator ? All electromechanical parts are covered by a 12 month warranty and the generator cells by a 36 month warranty.

Is neutral anolyt toxic ? No, it is approved for use in drinking water in countries such as Germany and the food industry in countries such as Denmark.

Does the generator require a high degree of maintenance ? No, the generator is PLC controlled. The brine tank needs to be kept filled with salt and once a month there are some simple maintenance tasks that take about 10 minutes.

Is neutral anolyt safe to handle ? Yes .Unlike traditional chlorine based chemicals even in its most concentrated form it has only a mild irritant effect on some sensitive people and after washing with water this will disappear.

What is the shelf life of neutral anolyt ? If stored in an airtight container it can remain effective up to 12 months but the efficacy does reduce over time.

How large a generator will I require? We will assist you in calculating this as the requirements vary depending on the biological load, simply email stefan.sarfert@eca-anlagen.de or call us: Tel: +49 89 24268803

What sizes are the generators available in ? Our smallest generator produces 40 litre of neutral anolyt per hour and we recommend that the generators run for a maximum of 15 to 18 hours per day thus giving a safety margin if your system experiences any spikes in its biological load. This also allows the machine time for it to carry out some automatic routine maintenance procedures. There is no theoretical maximum size. Out biggest generators, also called industrial ionizers can produce up to 4000 Liter per hour neutral anolyt, with one device.

Can I have automatic alerts if there is a problem in the system ? Yes .Options are available with either alerts and or system parameters, usage history and sensor reading history via Ethernet or GPRS

Can I link sensors from my system to the PLC controlling the disinfectant generator ? Yes. You can either interface your own control systems via an RS232 port or similar or we can provide sensors such as ORP or pH value to link to the generator. Normally they must be located within 10 metres for hardwired connection but we also offer remote wireless sensing for larger systems.

What water and power supplies do I need to provide ? The machine requires a connection to the local drinking water supply with a constant pressure of between 2 and 7 bar. The power requirements vary according to the size of machine. A 40litre machine consumes 1.4 kw per hour other sizes are prorate.

Are there any special requirements on water quality ? Not normally. The local drinking water supply is usually acceptable as the generator has a built in softener .If you are using well water or are in an area with a particularly high mineral or sediment content it may be necessary to fit an additional high capacity filter and or additional softening system.

Is neutral anolyt environmentally safe?
Yes. neutral anolyt breaks down in the environment without any toxic by products.

Will I receive assistance in installing and using the generator ? Yes a member of staff from our engineering office AQUACENTRUM or its local dealer will attend during installation, assist in setting up the machine and give full training to your operators.

What guarantees do I have that the generator will do what I want it to do ? The best guarantee of all, if the generator does not perform as we say it will there is a full money back guarantee. We also can offer you for the first 6 month a money back warranty in case of unsatisfaction.

What salt do I need to use and how much ? Chemically pure salt (Sodium Chloride 99.7%) which is commonly available. Typical consumption is around 5 to 8 grams per litre of neutral anolyt produced.

How do I control the amount of NEUTHOX I need to add to my system ? The generator can be set up to switch itself on or off depending on the demand of your system. Alternatively the generator can produce into a buffer tank and we can provide sensing and dosing solutions from the buffer tank. Producing to a buffer tank can be particularly useful in applications such as surface disinfection in food handling areas where the demand is only at certain times of the day.

What concentration do I dilute the neutral anolyt to? This can vary depending on the application and biological load . Most applications fall within the 1:500 to 1:2000 range. We will be pleased to advise you if you send an email to stefan.sarfert@eca-anlagen.de with an outline of your project.

Which bacteria is neutral anolyt effective against ? Neutral anolyt is highly effective against most disease causing bacteria such as E.Coli, Legionella, Campylobacter, Listeria etc. If you have a particular bacteria you would like information on please contact us